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Annie's 5th Grade Class
Instructor: Thompson, Annie   
Welcome to 5th Grade and Life at Aspen Middle School!
It's about time!
Hi Families!
Please note the NEW, more straightforward, organized me! ;)
On my long-neglected FusionPage, which has now been pared down to bare bones, I have included one simple link to a master folder in my Google Drive, where all things necessary will live and continually be updated for your reference. Yay!
I apologize for torturing you with links in emails that you, no doubt have painfully sifted through to find the all-informative Homework Assignment Checklist, as well as other assignments and such. Now you can have the one-stop shopping experience with a simple log-in to Fusion, as it should be. WooHoo!
Look for further announcements from Fusion when I need to notify you to check that link for updates.
As always, thanks for bearing with my communicative discombobulation!
Just Right Books
Thanksgiving Break is a great time to cozy up with a good book, after you've maxed out on the slopes of course!
I thought I'd shoot out a reminder of what a Just Right Book looks like, as these chapter-type books are the kind I hope to find kids' noses in during our D.E.A.R. time in class, and from which most of their weekly reading minutes should come from. Lately, I've noticed that some of the reading log entries consist of more Ripley's Believe-It-Or-Not type books, which are super cool to look at, but don't really meet the qualities of a Just Right Book. Last week, I sent home, on the backside of the reading log, a Reading Rainbow Challenge. I'll put it on this week's as well to encourage reading from a sampling of the various genres. Also, this week, please note the number in the top right-hand corner of the reading log. This is your child's LEXILE number based on this fall's Scantron. Back in September I sent you a link to where you can browse books that might generally be appropriate for your child's level. Use this as a guide along with the 5-finger test.
Thank you for your continued support in your child's development as a reader, and use this week for a bit of couchtime with your kiddo, parallel reading. :)

Homework Assignments Quarter 2
Please note that I have shared all of the students into our Quarter 2 Homework Assignments document through their Google Drive accounts. They can find them in their Shared With Me folder. I am keeping a running record of all assignments that go home and are due back to school. This is easier for me than to type up a new assignment in fusion, though I know many of you prefer to get the email alert... even if it comes a day late - ha! No.
Here is a link to the document.
Please use as a helpful reference tool. :)

The Day After
Wow, Halloween really did a number on my class. A third of us missing!
Granted a couple are out for hockey today (woohoo!), I hope the others can rest up and be ready to go, full steam ahead into 2nd Quarter academics! 
Please note, there is nothing coming home from me tonight, including a Reading Log.
Enjoy the weekend, and be fueled up for Monday!

Happy November!

Kick Off to 2nd Quarter!
Halloween is upon us!
Here's the scoop:
Come to school in costume or not, depending on comfort for Fun Run.
Please do hair and facepaint at home if applicable.
No weapon-like assessories.
Masks are permitted ONLY during our Costume Contest at the end of the day.

8:15 FUN RUN!
9:35-11:30 Normal Academia
11:30-12:20 Lunch
12:25-1:20 Academics Continued
1:25-2:20 Period 9 Exploration
2:25-3:20 All 5th Grade Halloween Fun!

If you could provide a platter of treats for our party, they would be well received! 
Either send with your kiddo, deliver them befor 2:25, or bring them with you if you'd like to join the fun. :)

The "fashion show"/costume contest will kick off the fun. Students can enter up to three categories, and participation is optional. The categories include 1) Best witch, warlock, or wizard 2) Most beautiful 3) Best impersonator 4) Funniest
5) Scariest 6) Most creative

Can't wait to see everyone in garb tomorrow - one of my favorite days of the year!... and most tiring.

Nothin' like startin' off 2nd Quarter right. :)

Learner Behaviors & Ground Rules
This week already is feeling a little scattered as we've spent a lot of time away from curriculum talking about and reinforcing behavior expectations.
Please have the conversation with your kiddo about the following:
  • Respect for others, our shared space, and school property
  • Following rules set by Annie, as well as expectations set by the class
  • Being prepared for class
Some leading discussion questions for them might sound like...
  • "What does (respect for our shared space, etc.) mean to you?"
  • "How can you be responsible for your behavior to make the classroom a more positive place?"
  • "What can you do to encourage or remind others to do the same, and avoid getting pulled into negative behaviors?"
I'm feeling like I need more accountability from the students, and hoping I can include you as parents into the circle of conversation to make our classroom a more positive community of learners.
Thanks for your help!
Soles 4 Souls Drive
Shoe drive ends at AMS tomorrow.
I have a deal going with the kids: If they bring in 2 pairs of shoes to donate to those in need, they can redeem a "no homework" pass good for one freebie assignment through next week.

No Math Homework Tonight
Originally scheduled to come home tonight, we have some work yet to complete in class before I send the kids home with the remainder of a math packet we've been working on this week.
Spelling Packet and Reading Log are due tomorrow!

Super Fun Safety Day!
Tomorrow, Tuesday October 8th, is 5th Grade Super Fun Safety Day.
Classes will rotate through various safety topics in classrooms with our councelor, Molly, our librarian, Teresa, and our school safety officers. Topics include Cyberbullying, Actions for Bystanders, SRP Review, Stereotype Busting, and Digital Citizenship.
We will not be having regular classes.
Permission Slips and Fee for ODE Due Tuesday 9/24
Check Out the Class Blog!
Happy First Weekend after a Fun First Week!
I've uploaded some pictures to the blog feature offered here on my FusionPage.
Check it out and even join discussions I'll post from time to time!

Back to School Night
It's only day three and already our clasroom is buzzing with projects in progress.
I am excited to be back in the middle school after 10 years and lots of other neat teaching experiences!
Familiarizing ourselves with procedures and expectations is the focus this week, and we'll solidify our new community with a hike up Buttermilk on Friday. 
Looking forwarding to meeting many of you this evening! The kids have prepared letters that give you an idea of their first impressions of fifth grade. I'm anxious to answer the questions I can and discover together the ones that I can't. :)
Whoot whoot! Here we go!

Class Blog
Blog Entry Share in Our New Beginnings Posted: Friday, August 30, 2013 at 8:39 PM Discuss

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